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Galaxy Sensory Ball

Galaxy Sensory Ball

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Product Description

Support your baby’s sensory development with Smart Steps by Baby Trend’s Galaxy Sensory Ball! This product is designed with different textures to promote sense stimulation, differing sounds for auditory cause and effect development, and toy modules for increased interactivity. Recommended for ages six months and up, this product is perfect for striking curiosity while encouraging learning processes within your little one’s developmental milestones. Take the Smart Step with Smart Steps by Baby Trend’s STEM oriented toys!

Part of Step 2 of the Smart Steps program, which focuses on cause and effect.

Smaller modules are spaced farther apart, allowing for easy access and interactivity of little one

Different textures promote sense stimulation

Modules can be brought to child’s mouth an offer textures that are soothing to gums

Different areas produce different sounds (rattle, crinkle, etc.) for auditory cause and effect development

Recommended Use

For children 6 months and up.

Additional Details
Product ID: PT09D64A
Product dimensions: 6.25" x 6.25" x 6.25"
Minimum age recommendation: 6 months
Number of items: 1
Batteries require: No
Item weight: 0.46 lb

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