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Space Spin Sensory Wheel

Space Spin Sensory Wheel

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Product Description

Enhance your baby’s natural STEM capabilities with Smart Steps by Baby Trend’s Space Spin Sensory Wheel! This toy includes multiple spin areas for long-lasting enjoyment and curiosity, noise interactivity to stimulate auditory cues, and vibrant designs for visual stimulation. Recommended for children six months and up, the Space Spin Sensory Wheel helps promote coordination and an understanding of cause and effect among your little one.

At this age, babies are constantly absorbing new knowledge and information, which is why Baby Trend wants to encourage these learning processes with toys that will help them develop these core skills. Make play time count with Smart Steps by Baby Trend’s STEM-orientated toys!

Multiple spin areas offer long-lasting enjoyment and curiosity for little one

Noises activate when wheel is spun, stimulating auditory cues

Stem of toy is easy to grasp

Vibrant colors and designs promote visual stimulation and development

Part of Step 2 of the Smart Steps program, which focuses on understanding cause and effect

Recommended Use

For children 6 months and up.

Additional Details
Product ID: PT08D63A
Product dimensions: 5.50" x 4.75" x 7.50"
Minimum age recommendation: 6 months
Materials: Plastic
Number of items: 1
Batteries require: No
Item weight: 0.75 lb

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