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Beginning Brainiacs Fun Box

Beginning Brainiacs Fun Box

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The Beginning Brainiacs Fun Box is the ideal way to support your little one’s early learning process. This Fun Box includes the Smart Steps Stack-a-Cat, Counting Crab, and Smart Ship. Smart Steps offers toys that are STEM-focused, keeping your child engaged for playtime while benefiting their cognitive development. Each toy within this Fun Box is interactive, encouraging your child’s curiosity and creativity. Mechanical and electrical activations, numerical learning, and sequencing will challenge your child while keeping them entertained. The Beginning Brainiacs Fun Box is a great gift giving option for all little geniuses!

Includes Stack-Cat, Counting Crab and Smart Ship.

STEM: Support baby’s learning and curiosity with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based learning toys.

Toys that challenge your child while encouraging fun playtime activity.

The Stack-a-Cat helps develop hand and eye coordination by prompting child to reach and grasp toy while stacking the colorful layers.

The Counting Crab encourages numerical learning through fun and playful counting games.

The electrical and mechanical activations offered by the Smart Ship prompts for physical and mental development through 12 various activations your child can choose from.

Fun sounds and colorful designs will capture your child’s attention and stimulate their sensory skills.

Recommended Use

For children 9 months and up.

Counting Crab:
For children 12 months and up.

Smart Ship:
For children 12 months and up.

Additional Details
Stack-a-Cat View More
Product ID: PT14D69A
Product dimensions: 4.50" x 4.50" x 8.00"
Minimum age recommendation: 9 months
Batteries require: No
Item weight: 1.39 lb
Counting Crab View More
Product ID: PT15D70A
Product dimensions: 9.00" x 8.00" x 7.50"
Minimum age recommendation: 12 months
Batteries require: Yes
Item weight: 1.78 lb
Smart Ship View More
Product ID: PT16D71A
Product dimensions: 5.50" x 9.25" x 9.38"
Minimum age recommendation: 12 months
Batteries require: Yes
Item weight: 0.98 lb

Encourage your child’s curiosity and creativity.

mode image 1

Stack-a-Cat pieces are lightweight and easy to grasp, allowing kids to develop hand-eye coordination.

mode image 2

Made with vibrant coloration and unique pattern for visual stimulation.

mode image 3

Wobble back and forth and make fun sounds.

mode image 4

Counting Crab has an advanced sensor with mobility to move around, encouraging children’s advanced movements.

mode image 5

Three modes to stimulate your little one’s numerical learning, dexterity and accuracy.

mode image 6

Includes nine different counting balls that come in different colors for children’s visual stimulation.

mode image 7

The Smart Ship promotes unique movements and strength development.

mode image 8

12 different activation's that help promote finger strength, cause and effect skills and cognitive development.

mode image 9

Comes with wheels that activate sounds when they are moved around.

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STEM is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics based learning.

Support your baby’s curiosity and creativity with Smart Steps' STEM based toys!

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