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Tiny Talents Fun Box

Tiny Talents Fun Box

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The Tiny Talents Fun Box includes four STEM-based toys that will spark your child’s curiosity and support their cognitive development process. This Fun Box includes the Smart Steps Move and Go Shaper, Space Spin Sensory Wheel, Galaxy Sensory Ball and Ele-Fun Talk and Play. Each toy inspires creativity while encouraging their learning journey. Toys included in the Tiny Talents Fun Box promote curiosity, problem solving, cause and effect and motor skills. Features such as bright colors, auditory cues, motion and directional phrases will capture your baby’s attention and keep them engaged. The Tiny Talents Fun box is also ideal for gift giving.

Includes: Move and Go Shaper, Space Spin Sensory Wheel, Galaxy Sensory Ball, Ele-Fun Talk and Play.

STEM: Support baby’s learning and curiosity with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based learning toys.

Toys that grow with your child with unique play time options.

The Move and Go Shaper works as a rattle and teether, and will grow with your child as they are able to transform the toy into multiple configurations.

Space Spin Sensory Wheel has noise and visual activations, vibrant colors and designs, and motion to stimulate your child’s auditory and visual ques.

The Galaxy Sensory Ball offers different rattle and crinkle sounds for cause and effect development.

The Ele-Fun Talk N’ Play support’s the development of your child’s core strength, auditory cues, and fine motor skills through directional phrases and vivid sounds.

Recommended Use

Move and Go Shaper:
For children 3 months and up.

Space Spin Sensory Wheel:
For children 6 months and up.

Galaxy Sensory Ball:
For children 6 months and up.

Ele-fun Talk and Play:
For children 6 months and up.

Additional Details
Move and Go Shaper View More
Product ID: PT11D66A
Product dimensions: 3.50" x 3.75" x 6.13"
Minimum age recommendation: 3 months
Batteries require: No
Item weight: 0.38 lb
Space Spin Sensory Wheel View More
Product ID: PT08D63A
Product dimensions: 5.50" x 4.75" x 7.50"
Minimum age recommendation: 6 months
Materials: Plastic
Batteries require: No
Item weight: 0.75 lb
Galaxy Sensory Ball View More
Product ID: PT09D64A
Product dimensions: 6.25" x 6.25" x 6.25"
Minimum age recommendation: 6 months
Batteries require: No
Item weight: 0.46 lb
Ele-fun Talk and Play View More
Product ID: PT10D65A
Product dimensions: 7.75" x 8.25" x 6.50"
Minimum age recommendation: 6+ months
Batteries require: Yes
Item weight: 1.21 lb

Spark your child’s curiosity and support their cognitive development process.

mode image 1

Move and Go Shaper incorporates rattle and teether and can be transformed into many different configurations.

mode image 2

Each nub comes with different color and textures to help soothe baby’s gums and keep your little one entertained.

mode image 3

Build grasping and holding ability, coordination development and cause and effect skills.

mode image 4

Space Spin Sensory Wheel with multiple spin areas.

mode image 5

Noises activate when wheel is spun, stimulating auditory cues.

mode image 6

Vibrant colors and designs promote visual stimulation and development.

mode image 7

Different areas of the Galaxy Sensory Ball produce different sounds (rattle, crinkle, etc.) for auditory cause and effect development.

mode image 8

Different textures promote sense stimulation.

mode image 9

Smaller modules are spaced farther apart, allowing for easy access and interactivity of little one.

mode image 10

Move in omni directions, prompting little ones to crawl while following the toy, helping to build children’s core strength.

mode image 11

The Ele-fun comes with six directional phrases and vivid sounds for kids’ audio stimulation.

mode image 12

Delightful coloration and different textures to stimulate kids’ eye and hand coordination.

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